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The DNGR and Demon BBCOR baseball bat drop 3 will be the same bat with different graphics and paint.  Unlike the Kamo BBCOR there is no Kevlar in the taper transition.  Is the Kevlar absolutely necessary? No.  But the Kevlar will help to reinforce under isolated conditions (think college baseball players).

-100% Composite seamless 2 5/8 barrel

-BBCOR Certified

-Drop 3

See full description below

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Product Description

DSB’s latest BBCOR model is the DNGR in a Gun Metal Gray finish. DSB BBCOR bats are some of the softest, most sting-free, one-piece bats available on the market. Our BBCOR line provides the most pop allowable within the certification requirement.   A one-piece bat offers the opportunity to produce the most power for a hitter.  Like weak-link in chain adages, anytime you add a connection, (think 2-pc bats) it will rob some of the power, which will sacrifice distance.  A hitter wants all the energy force to remain in the barrel to produce the greatest trampoline.  Our competitors’ 2piece or 3piece connection bats are absorbing and robbing energy from the trampoline of their bats.   But does our bat jar the hands?  No, we’ve figured out how to eliminate any sting on hits.   Our BBCOR bats are very soft-feeling, allowing the hitter to maximize his swing.Considering this bat is a high-performance bat, we recommend that you do not wear it out in a batting cage.  Obviously, your hitter needs to be comfortable with the bat and needs to use it in practice from time to time, but we recommend making it mainly a game-day bat.  Save its performance for the field.  In the BBCOR models, there is no difference between the Kamo, DNGR or Demon bats, other than the graphics.

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Additional Information

Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

30 in. 27 oz. Drop 3, 31 in. 28 oz. Drop 3, 32 in. 29 oz. Drop 3, 33 in. 30 oz. Drop 3


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