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2024 Bravo is a 2-Piece, all composite BBCOR, bomb-dropper.  Hot, pop, durable and a Bravo Bull connection that will NOT let you down.  Da Bull is getting Dirty. 

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Stock Grip is Solid Black

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Product Description

The long-awaited 2-Piece 100% composite.  Our grass-roots following has been begging us for a two-piece BBCOR bat that will have DSB’s legendary pop AND durability.  Well, here it is, the Bravo BBCOR . Step up to the plate with the added confidence of our vibration dampening bull connection. You will never see this bat broken in half with DSB’s proprietary Bravo Bull connection. The Bull connection allows for a similar feel to a our one piece composite BBCOR but is slightly more forgiving on hits outside of the sweet spot. This bat is also constructed with our proprietary Unified Vortex fibers. Unified Vortex Fibers (UVF) changes the game for the Bravo. You do not want continuous dead-air in the construction of a composite bat (think double walls). UVF allows trampoline channels throughout the barrel to maximize performance without ever sacrificing durability. DSB has changed the landscape of composite construction since 2015.   We developed this bat to have virtually the same balance point as our balanced one piece BBCOR bat. The performance of this bat is to the absolute limit allowed for BBCOR play. Get Dirty with da Bull Bravo. Drop 3 BBCOR

Additional Information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

30 in. 27 oz. Drop 3, 31 in. 28 oz. Drop 3, 32 in. 29 oz. Drop 3, 33 in. 30 oz. Drop 3


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