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DSB Guide

There is so much talk about DSB and the different models as far as pop, balance, end-load, and overall performance.

First you have to dissect the models into their drops. Because different drops will yield different results so you cannot listen to “X bat is blank….” Because X bat in a drop 10 may not yield the same blanket statement in a drop 8.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first:


DSB Guide

are the same bat in all drops with different graphics SAVE the Sniper in a drop 5 which has the Kamo (massive barrel) and is not a speed barrel (where we add weight to the handle to make a drop 5 swing like a drop 8). Why? Well we just think that is how Chris Kyle would have wanted it. And this Outlier: 30/22, 31/21 Sniper is the Kamo and not the Swag.

will have similar characteristics of the Swag, but will be a little more balanced with weight (minimal in some sizes) to the handle. The make-up and construction of the bat is unique to itself, but the bpf performance does push the limit.

(and this will be the most surprising) could be the most balanced bat. In the drops ABOVE drop 8 (i.e. in a drop 9, 10, drop 11) it will have the least amount of sweet spot, but we add more weight to the handle than DNGR to offset this smaller barrel. The Demon construction will yield the lowest compression of all the models in anything above drop 8 so younger, smaller kids can compress the barrel easier. But the hit/miss ratio could increase due to the smaller sweetbarrel. Previous Demon models do NOT have the handle weight.

If your player needs the most pop allowable and can hit the ball on the screws then the Demon in a drop 9 and above may be the bat for him. If your son needs more surface area then do not sacrifice that and go Swag or DNGR.

Has the Swag barrel with the difference being that we put Kevlar in the taper to try and minimize flex. You want all the trampoline to take place in the sweetbarrel. This is why we do not like 2-piece bats. You are sacrificing power as the bat is flexing at the barrel, but also at the connection which is sacrificing distance (and do not get me started on 3-piece bats). It is physically impossible to eliminate your taper from flexing, but the Kevlar does put our taper on steroids so we recommend this bat for the man-child players out there who are facing faster pitching. The advantage does not come into play on every pitch/swing. Kamo is our flagship bat. Is it necessary for everyone? No. If your kid is a contact hitter does it hurt him? No. If my kid thinks the graphics are cooler do I fight him on it to save $25? No.

The Swag, DNGR and Demon all have different layups and materials in making them distinct. These distinctions are more prevalent in the lighter drops (drop 9 and higher). When you get to the drop 8’s and 5’s these layups are different, but the differences in performance are minimal. Think of a chart where all the lines intersect. This is what you will see in performance with our models in the drop 8’s and drop 5’s with the Noted below differences:


30/22 and 31/21 sizes in Swag and Demon are lower in compression. This means they are geared to contact and smaller hitters. But could be easier to crack for stronger kids thus the best rule of thumb is get him this model if he is NOT in puberty.

30/22 and 31/21 sizes in Kamo, DNGR, Sniper are a little stiffer and made more for the stronger hitters who do not want a bat that will overcompress and rob power (this is why high school kids can hit a bbcor bat further than a drop 10 bat, eventually at some point batters need more mASS in their bat). It’s the puberty model for such size.

The Swag, Demon, DNGR are what we call speed barrels. Large sweetbarrel with approximately 3 oz of weight added to the handle so that the bat swings like a drop 8. This produces greater bat speed and is by far the most preferred drop 5 for most kids.

in the drop 5 have MASSIVE sweetbarrels which are geared towards a man-child. We do not recommend this for most kids, but the kids who do use them will have success if they can swing this barrel through the zone and not have the barrel swing them.

All 3 models are the same bat. We call our bbcor bat a tweener, meaning its not the most balanced and it’s not end-loaded. It is in-between. But it is hot and it sounds so much like wood with absolutely no sting. We are amazed at the performance and feel of this bat.

Why no Swag model for BBCOR? Because you cannot have a white BBCOR bat. But the Swag 21 is Navy. Oh! Ok in that case you may see a more balanced DSB BBCOR bat October 1, 2020 called the Swag! Maybe.

“That Distressed DNGR is sure the coolest-looking model!” We do not paint it. It is all carbon-fiber look. So cool that we do not have it as an option on our website. You have to call for it…. sort of like ordering off the menu for our old friends who know DSB in and out….

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