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We know it is difficult and confusing for parents to fully know what length and weight bat would be ideal for their player.  DSB is happy to review any video you would like to send us and our experts will get back to you on recommended sizes and DSB models.  It would be great if you could limit your video to no more than 2 videos and no more than 15 seconds per video.  The video does not have to be game video.  Hitting from a tee or soft toss or any type of hitting where your player is swinging their bat.  It does not need to be anything fancy.  Video it on your phone and get it to us. If you upload a video, keep it under 30MB to assure we get it. Please make sure you let us know the following information

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Current L and W of bat he is swinging in the video
  • USSSA or USA cert

DSB will get back to you quickly to recommend the correct bat.  Please make sure you send the requested information so that it does not delay our recommendation.  Get Dirty.  American Made for American Ballers.

Tony Mastandrea, CEO