DSB Barrel Comparison.

Compare the barrel sizes between our Swag, 2 Piece Swag and our very first big seller, War. The drops are from 10 to 12 and the sizes will vary. Swag 2 Pc. – We took a different approach with our Dirty South two piece SWAG. It was designed to reduce vibration with the same performance you would expect from a Dirty South Bat. The two piece SWAG has the same Continuous Compression Barrel and Infinite Fiber Performance, as all our models have, just with less vibration. War – 100% composite materials with a 2 5/8 barrel, constructed with infinite fiber performance (IFP) and a new continuous compression barrel (CCB). It is our most durable bat and the one that put DSB on the map. A fan favorite that does not disappoint. Swag – Swag is an evolution of the WAR platform. Swag continues the unsurpassed performance and pop of a Dirty South Bat. It has an increased sweet spot for drop 12 and drop 10 and continues to give the elite travel ball player the continued confidence of an American made bat. We apologize for making your other bat brands obsolete. Don’t take our word for it, listen to everyone else who has reviewed and used our bats. Use Them or Lose to Them.. When will you start?

Made in the USA