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SWAG 2023

SWAG 2023

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The SWAG is DSB’s #1 selling Model is proud to introduce the 7th generation model.  Swag has the best combination of sweetbarrel, balance and performance.  See below for more information on the changes to this one-piece, all-composite 2 5/8 USSSA 1.15BPF performer.  Stock grip is solid blue.

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 See full description below


Engraving goes on the taper of the bat. (between grip and barrel)

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Product Description

We are always trying to maximize the trampoline of our bat without creating a durability issue.  Based on the very-low returns the previous 6 generations we have continued to push the envelope to decrease the compression it takes to make the ball jump.  The drop 12s and smaller length bats are still running a little heavy, we have taken out about .4-.8 ounces of static weight from these sizes.  We are still not perfect and our bat will always run higher than stated weight due to the grip, but the avg size is running about .7 over and a little more in the drop 12 to where it is swinging more like a drop 11.  This decrease does help to shift the swing-weight to improving the balance of the bat.  Everyone will ask what is different on this bat?  Simple answer the 23 continues to be 1) lower compression (higher trampoline) and 2) reduced weight.

Drop 5 23 SWAG continues with the speed barrel design.  Weight is added to the handle to make it a true drop 5 static-weight giving the drop 5 the most balanced bat on the market.  Better balance should mean faster swing speed.  The compression on the 23 model is over 100lbs less than the 22 model.

Drop 8 23 SWAG in 31/23 and 32/24 compression has decreased 100lbs+ as well.  These sizes are tanks and provide massive barrel with great balance.   As in last years model, the 30/22 drop 8 is a softer compression which is ideal for contact hitters who need more pop when moving to a drop 8.  If your son needs the man-child drop 8 then look at DNGR and KAMO.

**All orders processed after 12pm (Eastern Standard Time) will ship within 1 business day after order has been placed**

Additional Information

Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

29 in. 24 oz. Drop 5, 30 in. 25 oz. Drop 5, 31 in. 26 oz. Drop 5, 32 in. 27 oz. Drop 5, 33 in. 28 oz. Drop 5, 29 in. 21 oz. Drop 8, 30 in. 22 oz. Drop 8, 31 in. 23 oz. Drop 8, 32 in. 24 oz. Drop 8, 26 in. 16 oz. Drop 10, 27 in. 17 oz. Drop 10, 28 in. 18 oz. Drop 10, 29 in. 19 oz. Drop 10, 30 in. 20 oz. Drop 10, 31 in. 21 oz. Drop 10, 32 in. 22 oz. Drop 10, 27 in. 15 oz. Drop 12, 28 in. 16 oz. Drop 12, 29 in. 17 oz Drop 12, 30 in. 18 oz. Drop 12, 31 in. 19 oz. Drop 12

1 review for SWAG 2023

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Just received my 2023 swag was purchase for my son and he is absolutely in love with his bat so of course Dad hadn’t tried out for himself. I’ve never felt a bat that feels the way this particular bat feels it almost feels unreal. The results are unbelievable. There is so much pop and the sweet spot is so massive. I guess what they say is true. This is one BADASS bat.

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