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We have spent over 2 years perfecting our BBCOR bat to make sure it has the legendary DSB pop, but we also wanted the bat to have a soft feel. Most BBCOR bats feel like you are hitting a fence pole. DSB’s Kryptek BBCOR bat has a forgiving barrel that does not jar the hitter’s hands, allowing hitters to go for it and maximize their swing to produce the most power. Since our bat has a soft field and maximum pop, it will be hot out of the wrapper, but the durability will NOT be similar to other non-performing BBCOR brands. So once you are used to the feel, we really recommend our bat for game-days only. We also recommend using wood or a cheaper branded bat in the cage. Our bat is not engineered to take repetitive cage hitting day in and day out, but it is all relative to the age group. The bat will be a lot more durable for an entry-level user (i.e. 12-14 year olds) than a stud high-school or college player. We say this not to discourage you, but to manage your expectations and maximize your investment. There is a one-year, one-bat replacement on ALL new DSB bats.

Although there are differences in the Kamo and Demon in the higher drops, there is no difference in the Kamo and Demon in the drop 3. We just wanted to have a 2nd graphic/color available for our customers with the DSB BBCOR line.

We are proud of your future success with DSB Kamo BBCOR. When will you start?




**All orders processed after 12pm (Eastern Standard Time) will ship within 1 business day after order has been placed**


We have teamed up with Kryptek to bring superb design to a DSB engineered composite bat. We are proud of your future success with DSB Kamo BBCOR. When will you start?

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Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

30 In. 27 Oz. Drop 3 KAMO, 31 In. 28 Oz. Drop 3 KAMO, 32 In. 29 Oz. Drop 3 KAMO, 33 In. 30 Oz. Drop 3 KAMO, 31 In. 28 Oz. Drop 3 DEMON, 30 In. 27 Oz. Drop 3 DEMON, 32 In. 29 Oz. Drop 3 DEMON, 33 In. 30 Oz. Drop 3 DEMON

13 reviews for DSB BBCOR

  1. Paul Johnston (verified owner)

    My son is 14 bat seems to have a better feel than any other drop 3’s we’ve found. The pop is good in warmer weather 70+ makes a sweet sound when he barrels it. Love the bat. Definitely recommend.

  2. Brian Bean (verified owner)

    14u player.
    Great bat! Really like it, lots off POP, day one! Good feel, this is the only bat we will hit from NOW!! Good service and the performance we had hoped!

  3. Dustin W. (verified owner)

    My son LOVES this bat. He plays USSSA but also just made the local Mickey Mantle team, which is why we bought the BBCOR. He has a few teammates on the USSSA team that also love the bat. He said, “they love it and that it really has pop and does it’s job!” His first hit with it was a shot to deep right field. Big eyes and a big smile when he returned to the dugout.

  4. Patti Harter (verified owner)

    Best bat ever!

  5. Chris Arends (verified owner)

    The bat is absolutely loaded! My son is 6’3 185 and is swinging the 33/30 took some time to adjust from coming from a 32/29 but it’s been great watching him hit bombs with it.

  6. Jay Degnan (verified owner)

    Extremely happy. This bat is as hot as they come

  7. Joe Dillon (verified owner)

    My son is only 85lbs so I dont think he is getting 100% out of the bat. The bat sounds awesome when you hit the sweet spot and he was getting 3-4 MPH more on his exit velocity vs his Cat7 when using Hittrax. I think the bat will perform better as he gets stronger. We have also been playing in some pretty cold weather up here in NH so far this season so I’m interested in seeing it perform on a 80 degree day.

  8. Chad G. (verified owner)

    He has only had the bat for 3 weeks and my son hit his first grand slam with it in pony league, it is expensive for sure but it is definitely a great bat, you will not be disappointed!

  9. Eric Asman (verified owner)

    Nice feel, great product

  10. MICHAEL WESTERBERG (verified owner)

    Great feel and excellent POP

  11. Jeffrey P. (verified owner)

    My 16 year old son loves the pop and feel. This is our 3rd Bat from DSB. He Matched it up against CAT 8 and it drives the ball further and with no sting aluminum has.

  12. Jon P. (verified owner)

    Over the last 4 years my son has owed 3 other models of Dirty South bats including the War -10, Swag -8, and Texas Big -5. We’ve been awaiting a BBCOR model for over a year and purchased the Kamo soon after it was released. I can attest that the Kamo lives up to the reputation that we’ve experienced with all the other Dirty South bats he has swung. Right out of the wrapper we measured batted ball speed off a tee against a 718 and a maple bat and it averaged 3 mph higher exit speed than both of them. If your looking for a hot bat with a giant sweet spot this is it. Plus what other bat can you buy that’s truly Made in the USA.

  13. Wade Wilson (verified owner)

    My son loves this bat! This is our 3rd Dirty South Bat. The bat is very hot out of the wrapper. It’s great to finally have a bat made in the USA that is worth buying.

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