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DSB Kamo 2023

DSB Kamo 2023

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DSB Kamo is the third generation Man-Child one-piece 2 5/8 USSSA 1.15bpf composite bat.  We continue to reinforce the taper with Aramid fiber (brand name Kevlar) to help reduce any flex in the bat as noted more below.

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Product Description

The taper is the part of the bat that reduces down from the barrel to just above the grip.  In most bats this could be the weakest point of the bat (definitely the case in a 2-piece bat).  Batters want to maintain as much pop/trampoline in the barrel.  If the taper flexes then it will rob some of that power (pop).  This new Kamo has all of the DSB continual upgrades to make the hottest performing bat in your respective size, but is specifically designed for power hitters who will be facing faster pitching.  Kamo is only available in a drop 10, 8 and 5 starting with a 29/19.  Please note that 30/22 and 31/21 size Kamo is stiffer and thicker than the Swag model.  This will give a little bit of end-load in those 2 sizes due to the thickness and are geared towards stronger players.  If your son is not in puberty then we recommend the Swag in those 2 sizes.


The drop 5 Kamo continues with the massive sweetbarrel.  Basically it is too much for most kids.  Although our bats are balanced, we do not add any weight to the Kamo handle thus creating the massive barrel that will tend to feel more end-loaded.  For most players seeking a drop 5 we recommend the Swag or DNGR -5 which we call a speed barrel since we add 3oz of weight to the handle and reduce the size of the barrel.  This allows for much quicker hands and bat speed through the zone. 

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Additional Information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

29 in. 24 oz. Drop 5, 30 in. 25 oz. Drop 5, 31 in. 26 oz. Drop 5, 32 in. 27 oz. Drop 5, 33 in. 28 oz. Drop 5, 29 in. 21 oz. Drop 8, 30 in. 22 oz. Drop 8, 31 in. 23 oz. Drop 8, 32 in. 24 oz. Drop 8, 27 in. 17 oz. Drop 10, 28 in. 18 oz. Drop 10, 29 in. 19 oz. Drop 10, 30 in. 20 oz. Drop 10, 31 in. 21 oz. Drop 10, 32 in. 22 oz. Drop 10


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