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This 2 5/8 one-piece all composite bat has the same construction and barrel as the SWAG in the same drops, but we have reinforced the taper and put it on steroids. The taper is the part of the bat that is above the grip that reduces down from the barrel. A stronger taper will continue to help reduce the flex in the bat in order to keep the trampoline solely in the sweetbarrel. This bat is designed for power hitters facing faster pitching, who at times, can flex the taper, thus robbing power. In keeping with DSB’s philosophy, this one-piece bat offers players the most power available in the our lineup. The KAMO is a 1.15BPF USSSA certified bat & 100% American made. Our Orange Kamo is made to the 2020 standards, but we will not have the new graphics until December. So any new bat purchased from our website will have the same construction, whether green or orange.




**All orders processed after 12pm (Eastern Standard Time) will ship within 1 business day after order has been placed**

You’ve heard of Kryptek in the hunting world. You’ve seen Kryptek in your favorite video game(s) of all time. Now, they’re on your favorite bat! DSB and Kryptek have joined forces to bring you this camouflaged masterpiece to your next big game. The new Kryptek bat is an evolution of all DSB bats. KAMO continues the unsurpassed performance of a Dirty South Bat and is USSSA Certified with a 1.15 BPF.

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Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

30 In. 25 Oz. Drop 5, 31 In. 26 Oz. Drop 5, 32 In. 27 Oz. Drop 5, 33 In. 28 Oz. Drop 5, 30 In. 22 Oz. Drop 8, 31 In. 23 Oz. Drop 8, 32 In. 24 Oz. Drop 8, 27 In. 17 Oz. Drop 10, 28 In. 18 Oz. Drop 10, 29 In. 19 Oz. Drop 10, 30 In. 20 Oz. Drop 10, 31 In. 21 Oz. Drop 10, 32 In. 22 Oz. Drop 10, 27 In. 15 Oz. Drop 12, 28 In. 16 Oz. Drop 12, 29 In. 17 Oz. Drop 12, 30 In. 18 Oz. Drop 12, 31 In. 19 Oz. Drop 12

17 reviews for Kamo orange

  1. David Thibault (verified owner)

    Very skeptical before I bought this. Then we literally took the plastic off the bat at practice. I had all the kids swing and hit it with 20 balls off machine. Expecting to get the bat broke in. I couldn’t believe the pop this had being brand new. I had my clean up hitter up first. He hit 4 in a row out of the park. Everyone hit the fence! 9 out of the park on Day 1! Very expensive but well worth it!

  2. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Great bat the more you swing it the more the pop

  3. Chad Hendricks (verified owner)

    Great bat, great pop. Son loves it.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    The service was fantastic. Due to an issue during the original shipment I received the wrong bat. This was not a huge issue as we didn’t have a tournament at that time. Also, Samantha went above and beyond with making sure that the bat we wanted got to us in the fastest manor possible. The quality of the bat is fantastic. Though we do not see the typical DSB pop that is so commonly seen, that is more an issue that I ordered the wrong bat. My son wanted the Kamo in a -5. The Kamo is designed more for power hitters and though my son hits the ball hard I don’t think he swings hard enough for the Kamo. Maybe after a few more hits it will come to life a little more. I can say that, when he clearly swings hard and makes good contact the ball comes off extremely hot, as is expected of a DSB. This will NOT cause me to change brands in the future. #DSBforlife

  5. Jonathan Thompson (verified owner)

    My son loves the bat and loves how the ball jumps off of it

  6. Rey Jimenez (verified owner)

    Best ever

  7. Ryan (verified owner)

    Bat has a lot of pop my son is hitting the ball much harder!

  8. Manuel Yzaguirre (verified owner)

    Great pop out the box hits a bomb out of the park #1 bat

  9. Matthew J. (verified owner)

    Great initial feel right out the box. Have to get used to the sound and know when it is a good hit. No hand stings and great velocity off the barrel. My son really enjoys driving the ball further than before. Everyone at practice stops and stares and watches the ball fly.

  10. Scott H. (verified owner)

    Bat has an original look and comes out of the wrapper hot! My son loves it.

  11. Colby Jacobson (verified owner)

    Just getting started with the Bat and it’s already great

  12. Terrence Olsen (verified owner)

    Had no time to break the bat in but it made no difference. The Kamo had amazing pop right out of the box.

  13. EDDIE J. (verified owner)

    In the past, my son has had problems finding a balanced bat that he really likes. We decided on the DSB because he had a player on his team that had one and loved it. The bat had great pop out of the box and my son loves the feel of the bat. It usually takes him a while to warm up to a new bat but this one became his number one choice right away. I am very satisfied with the customer service and actually received the bat before the expected date. I would highly recommend DSB given our experience.

  14. George (verified owner)

    This is my son’s 2nd Kamo bat. He outgrew the green Kamo. He had 2 HR
    with that bat. We just purchased the orange Kamo and its only been used in practice as of now. The quality of these bats are superior to all other bats. We will continue buying DSB from now on

  15. joel smith (verified owner)

    Great product and great company to purchase from. I was able to speak personally with Tony and Samantha before my purchase. Our 3rd bat from DSB.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the second Kamo my son has owned, He loves this bat. It has great pop and more durable then the other elite bats on the market.

  17. ANDREA (verified owner)

    Love it! Every hit is a bomb.

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