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The DNGR is the latest Baseball bat model release from DSB.  Ok so the funniest thing we have heard lately from a customer is that “we hear the DNGR would be the result if the Swag and Demon had a baby…”  Ha.  That pretty much sums it up.  DNGR and Swag will have the same sweetbarrel lengths, but the DNGR will be a little more balanced in Drop 8’s and higher.  It is not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless.

-100% Composite seamless 2 5/8 barrel

-USSSA 1.15 Certified

-Drops 5, 8, 9, 10

See full description below


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Product Description

DSB’s latest USSSA 1.15bpf model is the DNGR in a ballsy Gun Metal Gray finish.  DNGR features DSB’s proprietary Sweet Barrel technology coupled with a weighted handle to help make the DNGR one of the best-balanced bats we offer.  DNGR is the only DSB model that has added weight to the handle in the drop 8,9 and10. This 2 5/8 barrel bat is all composite and will become one of your player’s favorite DSB models.  There are subtle differences in the makeup of the bat to help take advantage of the weight balance while trying to not lose much comparative sweetbarrel. Always know that the last thing we would ever do is give-up any of the pop that has made DSB legendary on the field.  We get a lot of questions on what is the best DSB bat out there?  We answer, “what kid do you love the most in your family?”  As long as it says DSB on the barrel you have a great bat, so don’t ever 2nd guess your DSB model decision.

The DNGR comes with the latest USSSA 1.15BPF stamp, which was revised in November 2019. Use Them or Lose to Them™

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Additional Information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 3 in

29 in. 24 oz. Drop 5, 30 in. 25 oz. Drop 5, 31 in. 26 oz. Drop 5, 32 in. 27 oz. Drop 5, 33 in. 28 oz. Drop 5, 30 in. 22 oz. Drop 8, 31 in. 23 oz. Drop 8, 29 in. 21 oz. Drop 8, 32 in. 24 oz. Drop 8, 29 in. 20 oz. Drop 9, 30 in. 21 oz. Drop 9, 27 in. 17 oz. Drop 10, 28 in. 18 oz. Drop 10, 29 in. 19 oz. Drop 10, 30 in. 20 oz. Drop 10, 31 in. 21 oz. Drop 10


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