Connors State College visits DSB

It’s a gloomy, somewhat rainy Friday in Winder Georgia, home of Dirty South Bats. The factory is well lit and the staff is steadily making gains in stock management for the new season. The rain doesn’t distract DSB from the mission at hand and production is pumping in the warehouse. Dirty South Bats is looking to expand its reach in its Fastpitch line, which is increasing in sales because of performance, but it’s nothing like the baseball line’s success. In an ever expanding softball market, DSB makes decent gains, but not enough to truly cement a higher place in line with the competition, yet. The DSB baseball line is a home run and the baseball collective understand the true power behind DSB bats, unquestionably. In fact, yearly projections in the baseball market are always high for DSB. Every year equals steady gains, if not bigger than the previous year. The Fastpitch market is gaining traction, but it could be a LOT better. The disconnect between the softball audience and DSB is slowly coming to a halt, but there’s more work to do ahead.

Getting demos in the hands of players seems to really have an impact on sales, but there are more challenges to over come with buyers that are loyal to other “imported” brands. From experience, ladies jump on the DSB Fastpitch hype train once they have demoed a bat. The undeniable power is there and real. There’s no comparison in performance with a DSB bat in the American fastpitch market. DSB is aware of its performance and a clear example of this is with Connors State College. Connors State College has some impressive history behind its fastpitch endeavors, being rated as a top hitting school in 2016, among other ratings. They hold more bragging rights at’s website, should you decide to take a look. Today, Coach Deese from Connors State University is in town for a coaching event in Young Harris Georgia. While in town, Coach Deese has also arranged a trip to DSB to get his hands on the 1st release of the DSB DNGR. On the heels of the Lady Swag bat, comes a cleverly designed Fastpitch bat with the same (and updated) power. Not only is the design behind DNGR aimed at design aficionados, but also aimed at those seeking unrivaled performance on the field,  or equal to a Lady Swag bat. Lady Swag’s construction created an obsession with DSB performance for Coach Deese. Mr. Deese is very familiar with the raw power of a Lady Swag  and uses them with his very own team at Connors State University. His team prefers DSB Fastpitch on the field over other brands. His assistant coach is no stranger to the DSB line either and has collaborated with DSB on a Kamo 2-piece demo video. You can watch her performance HERE.

Upon arrival, Coach Deese is greeted by DSB’s very own creative lead, Eric C. and the two have lunch in the office with Tony Mastandrea, CEO. The three discuss their teams and performance in 2019. The biggest part of the conversation is the DNGR limited edition’s release and also Deese’s sick red viking beard. One of the most anticipated bats for DSB Fastpitch is the NEW black and gold DNGR. Upon first glance, you get a wonderful marriage of black and gold, with top notch typography and DSB’s signature grunge font. Together, with the colors and typography, your senses are stimulated with a perfect symmetry of elements on the bat. DSB knows that presentation is always key with any product in any market, so a big focus was on creating a really accessible design on the bat. DNGR will definitely turn eyes over to its beauty. Off the bat (No pun intended), you instantly fall in love with DNGR’s execution on design. The only question remaining is, “will this bat perform?” That is where DSB will focus on showing audiences the true power of the DSB Fastpitch line through social media outlets. If you ask Mr. Deese, you will see excitement in his eyes and hear about his overall outlook for his team, as well as DSB bats. After lunch, coach Deese gets his hands on the 1st limited edition box of the DSB DNGR to take back home to his future stars. DSB also takes a few cool pics of Mr. Deese and the bat for your enjoyment. The presentation on the bat is enough to keep you looking at it, but the box is also a nice touch, intended to bring extra value this holiday for 1st time buyers. It is also a special release for DSB’s fastpitch market and dedicated players. You can order the Limited Edition DNGR right HERE for your future hall of famer. The glimmer of joy in Coach Deese’s eyes when looking at the bat creates even more excitement in the warehouse for DSB. After all, DSB thrives on real testimonials. When a seasoned coach is excited for your product and goes out of his way to get his hands on your newly released product, there’s something special there. Coach Deese is as happy as DSB is with this experience and the afternoon wraps up with a few handshakes and laughter. DSB aims to deliver only the best performing fastpitch bats to Connors State College through Coach Deese for his players. Make no question here folks, the DSB American phenomenon is real and here to stay. DSB is proud to serve its audience with hundreds of testimonials on the Facebook page and website. Demos are an even better way to show anyone what this company is all about. Not sure about DSB? Go try a demo HERE!
DSB is eager to witness upcoming performances by Connors State College’s young stars in the coming season with our very own weapons on the field. Keep a look out for more content and take it from Coach Deese, DSB fastpitch is where it’s at baby! GET DIRTY!!



DSB Fastpitch

DSB Fastpitch is excited to introduce a surprise to you in 2019. Below is a preview of our new vision for DSB Fastpitch. We are sure that you’re very familiar with the term “Dingers,” which our bats provide to dedicated players. Our bats are dangerous on the field, so you might also associate “danger” with our new DNGR bat release. If you’re also familiar with DSB and our customer service for our skillfully engineered American Made fastpitch bats, you won’t be disappointed with the new DNGR. Lady SWAG put us on the map for performance, but we chose to improve upon its engineering. Just ask Coach Deese at Connor State University how good our Fastpitch bats are on the field. DSB Fastpitch is a growing phenomenon, only trusted by the few that decide to travel outside of their imported bat comfort zones. We are 100 percent American made and proud to deliver the best customer service and Fastpitch bat experience possible. Stop thinking about it and GET DIRTY!! 

SWAG 2019

We are always proud to introduce a newer version of our beloved SWAG to our DSB Collective. We look forward to another successful year at Dirty South Bats and an even bigger following. We would not be here without our wonderful staff and dedicated parents. Without you, we wouldn’t be growing as much as we are! Every masterpiece is delicately made and shipped to your home right out of our factory here in Winder, GA. It is no secret that every manufacturer has an issue on a product from time to time, including us, so we handle it accordingly. We have a great 1-year warranty plan for every bat, as we stand behind our product. Of course there’s also some upkeep for your cherished DSB bat, so read up on our bat maintenance right here. We are truly motivated by your success and your performance will always show it. We stand behind our DSB seal 110 percent. It is also no secret that SWAG has propelled us into the present! Its success cannot be rivaled by your average, run of the mill imported baseball bats from other countries. Our hearts are poured into every cylindrical object your little warriors use on the field. We can’t wait to see your videos out on the field and featured on our Facebook page and another blog post, dedicated to you.

Without any further ado, welcome our newest release of the Swag line. Enjoy continued improvement on durability to keep your Swag hitting all year long. Our SWAG continues the unsurpassed performance and pop of a Dirty South Bat. It has an increased sweet spot over the War model’s, which continues to give the elite travel ball player the continued confidence of an American (Georgia) made bat. Every Swag is 1.15 BPF USSSA certified. We apologize for making your other bat brands obsolete. Don’t take our word for it, listen to everyone else who has reviewed and used our bats. When will you start? Use Them or Lose to Them™.

Fastpitch Superiority

Fastpitch Superiority

Dirty South Bats is known for optimal legal performance and a not so standard approach to marketing. We primarily let our bats speak for themselvour es and community’s reviews also speak to the masses. We also provide a lot of interaction with our customers via social media and email. Combine all of that with great customer service, American Made products and you’ve got a new phenomenon in your ball fields. We are proud to have you on board through this American Made journey and we are always honored to give mention to some of our biggest fans and their performances. Get out of the dugout and GET DIRTY!

Out of the gates, we started out with a bat named War. War put us on the map and we soon followed with SWAG. Swag’s success was even bigger than War’s, so we decided to create more heavy hitters. We also created War Platinum, a variant of War, with a larger sweet spot and a slick paint job. As we sales increased, we thought, what about Fastpitch? We are an equal opporutnity employer, as well as a diverse USA manufacturer after all. SWAG was our biggest seller of all time, so naturally we had to share the torch with the ladies of fast pitch with “Lady SWAG”. Surely enough, our performance extended out in the fast pitch department, after extensive testing of course. Our fast pitch line is becoming just as popular as our baseball line is. Lady SWAG’s success also brought forth “Midnight.” Midnight will feel a little bit stiffer than the Lady Swag at first. It will warm up nicely to achieve optimal legal performance to both ASA and USSSA standards. The performance speaks for itself, just as much as the coaches guiding our youth towards excellence. We are quickly becoming a fastpitch coach favorite and we are very proud of that. So proud that we decided to display greatness shining out of Highland Athletics. They provided us with some great player shots and you can find more success stories on their ever growing Twitter profile. On the same token, we have DSB sponsored teams that use our bat line. There are more details available if you send us an email through the website. Do you have what it takes to become a DSB team?

To our big hitters, keep sending us those big hits on our Facebook page, we love seeing your performance and also showing the U.S. what we’re all about! We are honored to work with Heidi from Highland Athletics and look forward to seeing more excellence out of their up and coming pros. We appreciate the hard work and this wonderful content to promote us both. And a big thank you to everyone for visiting the DSB Blog! Don’t forget to get out there and GET DIRTY!

Tony Mastandrea, CEO
Dirty South Bats

DSB April Big Hitters

Here you go again.. . We take pleasure in watching your big hits and are also very proud of you little DSB champions. Of course we want to show everyone what our Dirty South collective is capable of and here we have a nice collection of new big hits with DSB bats. Parents, stay proud and keep pushing them towards even more greatness! We’ll be here along the way to praise your little ones’ glory in whatever your video’s resolution is. However, we do recommend to use your phone’s camera in landscape mode for a better frame for editing purposes. It also looks better! If you use a DSLR for recording and capture your videos in full crisp resolution, even better! We appreciate that, a LOT, but it’s not required. We’re proud of your work either way.

From time to time, we will throw out a Facebook contest and award the best home run video, DSB videos never go unnoticed. You can also look out for our own videos when we sponsor home run derbies or DSB teams somewhere near you. We bring the DSB Truck and trailer out and take some amazing videos of rising stars. We also like to take to the skies to further enhance the quality of the experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more greatness on our YouTube channel and our DSB Facebook group. We truly appreciate your loyalty towards American Made baseball bats and we will always rise to the occasion to appreciate our up and coming stars’ performance through our channels. Once again, keep those future highlight reel clips coming and always remember to get out on the field and GET DIRTY!

-Tony Mastandrea CEO
Dirty South Bats

Believe the hype, DSB is real

Dirty South Bats

loves your big hits. In fact, here’s a video to show others what you have done with our American Made bats. Don’t believe the hype? Simply watch these little stars in action. Don’t take our word for our bats, demo one for yourself or join our forum on Facebook. There are plenty of DSB families to interact with or just ask general questions.


makes a composite 2 5/8 big barrel bat for elite travel ball baseball players and a composite 2 ¼ fastpitch bat. Elite constitutes the best players out there now coupled with players who are working hard trying to become the best version of themselves on the field. How Dirty South helps our elite players is to provide the most pop for a composite bat that is allowable within the rule structures. We do not contract out any part of our design, testing, fabrication or manufacturing of our bat. It is all done to our specs and conformity in Barrow County, Georgia and not in a foreign country. This ensures the most reliable and highest-performing bat to our customer. We now also manufacture a USA bat, GET DIRTY!

Thank you for your videos, keep em coming and stay driven! We love being a part of your success and dedication.


DSB loves to see your best action shots in the war zone. We also love to show off our best players with their favorite DSB bat. From time to time, we receive great shots from proud parents and we will share success stories right here on our blog. Our Facebook group is always growing and you can always expect good feedback, discussions or support on that channel. Don’t take our word for our bats’ POP, DEMO one for yourself or just enjoy our others’ success on this blog. You can also see good reviews of our bats online from time to time, here’s a good one on our new MADE USA bat. Do you have enough DSB star power to get a shot like this little future star in Texas above? Join us on Facebook and submit your stories with a well shot pic, to be featured on your favorite American bat manufacturer’s website. Get out there and Get Dirty!

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We are proud to be a part of Just Bats! You can find a link to a preview on their Twitter account here:

Get Dirty!

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DSB video time

It's DSB video time! Yes it's DSB video time! From time to time, we send out our troops to capture live events. They bring them home to you on the...
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Dirty South Bats

Dirty South Bats is a USA manufacturer in Georgia making baseball and fastpitch bats. We are one of the only composite baseball bats made in the USA.
We make a composite 2 5/8 big barrel bat for elite travel ball baseball players and a composite 2 ¼ fastpitch bat. Elite constitutes the best players out there now coupled with players who are working hard trying to become the best version of themselves on the field. How Dirty South helps our elite players is to provide the most pop for a composite bat that is allowable within the rule structures. We do not contract out any part of our design, testing, fabrication or manufacturing of our bat. It is all done to our specs and conformity in Barrow County, Georgia and not in a foreign country. This ensures the most reliable and highest-performing bat to our customer.

Each Dirty South Bat is handmade right at home in Barrow County, Georgia. The bats are crafted to meet our exact specifications in a 12,000 sq. ft. factory, making every bat a unique masterpiece.

We stand behind our products 100% performance and each bat comes with a one-year warranty.

But is our bat really different? Yes it is. Just listen to the sound of the ball coming off the bat. It has no equal. This is because we take a different approach in the design, architecture and materials used in the bat. Don’t take our word for it. Demo one of our bats and see for yourself. Use Them or Lose to Them.