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DSB Fastpitch is excited to introduce a surprise to you in 2019. Below is a preview of our new vision for DSB Fastpitch. We are sure that you’re very familiar with the term “Dingers,” which our bats provide to dedicated players. Our bats are dangerous on the field, so you might also associate “danger” with our new DNGR bat release. If you’re also familiar with DSB and our customer service for our skillfully engineered American Made fastpitch bats, you won’t be disappointed with the new DNGR. Lady SWAG put us on the map for performance, but we chose to improve upon its engineering. Just ask Coach Deese at Connor State University how good our Fastpitch bats are on the field. DSB Fastpitch is a growing phenomenon, only trusted by the few that decide to travel outside of their imported bat comfort zones. We are 100 percent American made and proud to deliver the best customer service and Fastpitch bat experience possible. Stop thinking about it and GET DIRTY!! 

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Dirty South Bats is a USA manufacturer in Georgia making baseball and fastpitch bats. We are one of the only composite baseball bats made in the USA.

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