Fastpitch Superiority

Fastpitch Superiority

Fastpitch Superiority

Dirty South Bats is known for optimal legal performance and a not so standard approach to marketing. We primarily let our bats speak for themselvour es and community’s reviews also speak to the masses. We also provide a lot of interaction with our customers via social media and email. Combine all of that with great customer service, American Made products and you’ve got a new phenomenon in your ball fields. We are proud to have you on board through this American Made journey and we are always honored to give mention to some of our biggest fans and their performances. Get out of the dugout and GET DIRTY!

Out of the gates, we started out with a bat named War. War put us on the map and we soon followed with SWAG. Swag’s success was even bigger than War’s, so we decided to create more heavy hitters. We also created War Platinum, a variant of War, with a larger sweet spot and a slick paint job. As we sales increased, we thought, what about Fastpitch? We are an equal opporutnity employer, as well as a diverse USA manufacturer after all. SWAG was our biggest seller of all time, so naturally we had to share the torch with the ladies of fast pitch with “Lady SWAG”. Surely enough, our performance extended out in the fast pitch department, after extensive testing of course. Our fast pitch line is becoming just as popular as our baseball line is. Lady SWAG’s success also brought forth “Midnight.” Midnight will feel a little bit stiffer than the Lady Swag at first. It will warm up nicely to achieve optimal legal performance to both ASA and USSSA standards. The performance speaks for itself, just as much as the coaches guiding our youth towards excellence. We are quickly becoming a fastpitch coach favorite and we are very proud of that. So proud that we decided to display greatness shining out of Highland Athletics. They provided us with some great player shots and you can find more success stories on their ever growing Twitter profile. On the same token, we have DSB sponsored teams that use our bat line. There are more details available if you send us an email through the website. Do you have what it takes to become a DSB team?

To our big hitters, keep sending us those big hits on our Facebook page, we love seeing your performance and also showing the U.S. what we’re all about! We are honored to work with Heidi from Highland Athletics and look forward to seeing more excellence out of their up and coming pros. We appreciate the hard work and this wonderful content to promote us both. And a big thank you to everyone for visiting the DSB Blog! Don’t forget to get out there and GET DIRTY!

Tony Mastandrea, CEO
Dirty South Bats

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Dirty South Bats is a USA manufacturer in Georgia making baseball and fastpitch bats. We are one of the only composite baseball bats made in the USA.

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