DSB April Big Hitters

DSB April Big Hitters

Here you go again.. . We take pleasure in watching your big hits and are also very proud of you little DSB champions. Of course we want to show everyone what our Dirty South collective is capable of and here we have a nice collection of new big hits with DSB bats. Parents, stay proud and keep pushing them towards even more greatness! We’ll be here along the way to praise your little ones’ glory in whatever your video’s resolution is. However, we do recommend to use your phone’s camera in landscape mode for a better frame for editing purposes. It also looks better! If you use a DSLR for recording and capture your videos in full crisp resolution, even better! We appreciate that, a LOT, but it’s not required. We’re proud of your work either way.

From time to time, we will throw out a Facebook contest and award the best home run video, DSB videos never go unnoticed. You can also look out for our own videos when we sponsor home run derbies or DSB teams somewhere near you. We bring the DSB Truck and trailer out and take some amazing videos of rising stars. We also like to take to the skies to further enhance the quality of the experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more greatness on our YouTube channel and our DSB Facebook group. We truly appreciate your loyalty towards American Made baseball bats and we will always rise to the occasion to appreciate our up and coming stars’ performance through our channels. Once again, keep those future highlight reel clips coming and always remember to get out on the field and GET DIRTY!

-Tony Mastandrea CEO
Dirty South Bats

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Dirty South Bats is a USA manufacturer in Georgia making baseball and fastpitch bats. We are one of the only composite baseball bats made in the USA.

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